“I’ve given everything to get here. I have pushed and forced and played my way in.”

Lolita Chakrabarti, Playwright
"Engaging and poignant"
Jean Lowerison
San Diego Local News
"Multilayered performance... lively direction"
James Hebert
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Director's Note

I was unaware of the Shakespeare actor Ira Aldridge and his historical relevance as the first Black American tragedian (alongside James Hewlett). Being awakened to Aldridge’s struggles as a Black actor during the early 19th century was enlightening. This historical drama was a treat to direct at The Old Globe in San Diego with a scrumptious ensemble of performers and designers.

A black and white photo of Stafford Arima standing with his arms crossed in dramatic lighting



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Production Credits

Playwright: Lolita Chakrabarti

Set: Jason Sherwood

Lighting: Jason Lyons

Costumes: David Israel Reynoso

Sound: Jonathan Deans

Music: Lynne Shankel

Producer: The Old Globe

Theatre: Donald & Darlene Shiley Stage