“Who is gonna stand with me?”

Meribeth Solomon, Lyricist
"Slick, but celebratory rather than pretentious... free of the vulgarity"
Tamara Bernstein
The Globe and Mail
“Every genre of music… on fire”
Greg Henry Waters
All About Jazz

Director's Note

Bringing theatre ingredients (staging, choreography, character development and storytelling) to this talented group of musicians has been a career highlight. Directing this concert featuring world-class string players for a PBS television special and subsequent DVD release while having the opportunity to witness them play with such virtuosity was an unforgettable emotional experience.

A black and white photo of Stafford Arima standing with his arms crossed in dramatic lighting



Bowfire - Live in Concert
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Production Credits

Creator: Lenny Solomon

Choreographer: Patricia Wilcox

Set: David Korins

Lighting: Ben Stanton

Costumes: Karen Ann Ledger

Aired: PBS