“Stop talking, hop in my stocking.” 

Jon Hartmere, Lyricist
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Director's Note

Directing this music video was a hoot! The concept was a love story between two performers (Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena) who connect at a cabaret spot during the holiday season. The video was part live concert footage interspersed with exterior shots in and around Astor Place in NYC. 

The song remains one of my favorite holiday numbers, which I look forward to listening to every Christmas.

A black and white photo of Stafford Arima standing with his arms crossed in dramatic lighting



Sheet Music
I Got All I Need (This Christmas)
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Official Music Video

Director: Stafford Arima

Cinematography & Editing: Jesse Rosenberg

Music: Lynne Shankel

Lyrics: Jon Hartmere

Vocals: Lindsay Mendez & Derek Klena