“…it’s up to all of us to take care of each other.”

Geoffrey Simon Brown, Playwright

A Christmas Carol

"Pulled out all the stops… spared no expense or talent"
Louis B. Hobson
Calgary Herald
"Technological advancements... worked to enhance the magic"
Vicki Trask

Director's Note

Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol has been reimagined countless times as a play celebrating a story of redemption and forgiveness. 

In 2019, I directed a brand-new adaptation of “Carol” with a cast of 23 and all the theatrical bells and whistles (falling snow, flying sequences) one would expect. One year later, COVID struck so in 2020, with three actors portraying over 28 roles in a production filmed at Theatre Calgary, the magic of theatre storytelling was captured on film. This film shone a light on the power of Dickens’ timeless tale told through the language of theatre and the lens of film. 

Knowing that the tradition of A Christmas Carol was important to the city of Calgary, and we were in the thralls of the pandemic, I felt it was imperative to bring “Carol” to the city through this film so families could experience the classic tale of Scrooge and Tiny Tim.

A black and white photo of Stafford Arima standing with his arms crossed in dramatic lighting


6x Nominee — Alberta Film & Television Awards
Best Director
Best Scripted Feature
Best Screenwriter 
Best Original Musical Score 
Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity
Best Performance by an Alberta Actor


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Stage Production

Adaptation: Geoffrey Simon Brown

Composer & Music Director: Allison Lynch

Choreographer: Jesse Robb

Set & Video: Scott Reid

Lighting: Michael Walton

Costumes: Deitra Kalyn

Producer: Theatre Calgary

Theatre: Max Bell

Film Production

Director of Photography: Aaron Bernakevitch & 4K Film Production

Editor: Adam Schrader

Production Design: Scott Reid

Composer & Sound Design: Allison Lynch

Costume Coordinator: Katie Klingvall

Abridged Adaptation: Geoffrey Simon Brown

Producer: Theatre Calgary