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Dial M for Murder
Bhangin' It
A Christmas Carol - 2020
Allegiance (Broadway)
Allegiance (Tokyo)
Red Velvet
Billy Elliot
Two Class Acts - Ajax & Squash
Altar Boyz
Ragtime - West End
Jacques Brel is Alive & Well & Living in Paris
The Tin Pan Alley Rag
Saturday Night
Mary and Max
The New World
A Christmas Carol - 2019
Guys & Dolls
Spring Awakening
Children's Letters to God
Marry Me a Little
The Secret Garden - Lincoln Center
Ragetime - Lincoln Center
Poster Boy
The Secret Garden
Got All I Need (This Christmas)
Phenomenal Women



"Theatre Calgary has pulled out all the stops and spared no expense or talent to create its most spectacular A Christmas Carol in 33 years...Arima’s staging keeps everyone in almost constant motion so the stage is filled with activity and energy..."
December 5, 2019, by Louis B. Hobson

"The technological advancements are a testament to the innovations theatre companies are making every year. While my heart will always lie with practical effects, I think the new design worked to enhance the magic of the world."
December 3, 2019, by Vicki Trask


Adaptation: Geoffrey Simon Brown
Composer & Music Director: Allison Lynch
Choreographer: Jesse Robb
Set and Video: Scott Reid
Lighting: Michael Walton
Costumes: Deitra Kalyn
Produced by: Theatre Calgary
Theatre: Max Bell, Theatre Calgary


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